【A Complete Facility Friendly For Parents And Children】
It is always inconvenient for parents to carry heavy luggage around when they go out with children. Hence, we provide a complete facility especially friendly for parents and children including nursing bottle sterilizer, electronic pots, microwaves, babies’ bathtubs, washing toys, children’s toothbrushes and tooth pastes, children’s washing shampoos and towels.



We also have elevators to suit the convenience of the elderly or toddlers in the second hall with individual recreation facilities for children to play beside when parents can feel relieved to handle check-in accommodation procedures and have more time to experience one-to-one introduction of our tour guidance.

【30-Minute Explanations For Tour Guidance】
Since Deely Dad and Deely Mom regularly travel, we fully understand it is really exhausting to carry children outside, not to mention racking your brains to plan for travel schedules. Accordingly, we compile a unique introduction for Tainan with a travel map and a delicacy map in DeelyHouse’s version after exploring all tourist attractions in Tainan by collecting all sorts of bountiful information such as recommended delicacies from local residents and bloggers from newspapers and magazines.



The contents of these maps are abundant, to illustrate, introductions for major tourist attractions, two-day/three-day travel schedules, parent-child journey and popular tourist attractions along Chiku coast. To satisfy each client’s requirement, we also provide appropriately tailored travel plans instead of just coming up with the official version made by the government of Tainan City.

Our professional guides do not only provide paper documents for customers, but also supply satisfying services in compliance with their actual needs. For example, we also consider customers’ check-in sequences and varieties such as the quantities/ages of children, the ages of grandparents, preferences for historical sites or delicacies, difficulties for physical strengths, appropriate tourist attractions in hot weather or during rainy days.
We will keep you informed of above-mentioned travel information because we collet it by experiencing on our own with children. We discover some travel schedules are suitable for the elderly and others are quite appropriate for children. Then according to these experiences, we are able to recommend proper schedules in accordance with different needs from clients.
Moreover, each guide has to receive a professional training for approximately three to six months before being well-qualified for coping with customers’ various questions. To illustrate, our incumbent housekeeper already has abundant working experiences for more than two years. Consequently, our professional guide is always able to offer beneficial suggestions for customers’ travel plans in Tainan.
We also strictly request our guide to collect some new tourist attractions to be updated each month by visiting these places themselves in Tainan. Once new tourist attractions are discovered, the guide needs to keep the customers informed of updated information on the spot.


【Extremely Considerate Services With Little Housekeepers.】
In order to more considerately take care of customers with children, we provide exclusive housekeeper services. Each housekeeper will serve several customers for four to six rooms during working hours from ten o’clock in the morning to six o’clock in the afternoon.
During this period, housekeepers will stay at the B&B and will also automatically serve customers according to their various needs such as services of calling the cabs, providing first aid kits when children get hurt carelessly while playing. They will also supply a fresh tea pot filled with treasure tea from South Africa as well as Tainan’s specialty dried mangoes to treat the customers in the lobby.



In addition, they will assist customers with taking group pictures and then send these pictures via e-mail to them later. They will also answer customers’ all sorts of consultations, lead children to play at facilities within the B&B, give little toys and souvenirs away to children, help with attending to customers’ luggage…etc.
Hence, customers staying at DeelyHouse will not feel senses of apathy as if brought from hotels. In other words, what we want to impress our customers with is consideration and care as the warmest memories when they visit DeelyHouse.

【Considerate Service of Self-Help Laundering】
We hope customers will feel comfortable like being at home when they stay at DeelyHouse. Actually, customers can enjoy independently interior space without disturbances. We can also resolve customers’ annoying problems of cleaning their clothes during travels by offering free-of-charge clothes horses, washing machines, laundry detergents so that their clothes won’t be suffocatingly stuck in the luggage. Hence, when they check out the next day, they can put clean and dry clothes on to lessen the burdens of fixing luggage after returning back home.



【Value Customers’ Safety】
For the sake of making customers’ returning at night safer, we install 24-hour surveillance cameras and night flashlights to ensure customers’ safety in staying at DeelyHouse.

We also insure each customer with public liability insurance up to two million dollars to make this accommodation secure and reassuring.