【Design Concept for Room Types in DeelyHouse】
Double-income family is the major contemporary family type. Ordinarily parents are quite exhausted after work, so there are few to be able to spend their time accompanying their children, not to mention having further opportunities of parent-child interactions with quality. When parents are admitted rare vacations to take their children outside, the children always nag their parents due to boredom at hotels during night especially after parents’ tiring schedules by driving in the morning.

Therefore, vacations always turn out to be not as wonderful as parents have expected because travels are actually more exhausting than work. We can walk in your shoes since we are also parents of two children, so we hope to create an accommodation space suitable for all families.

【Room Types with Fairy-Tale Themes】
Selected famous fairy tales are introduced into rooms with condensed main story plots. We employ a professional colored-drawing master with high pay to paint each scene with abundant and bright colors by hands. Children will experience virtual reality to a certain

extent through their imaginations. By so doing, mothers won’t need to carry story books around if they intend to share stories with their children during travels.

【Exclusive Recreation Facilities】
Children’s slides are exclusively installed at each room. In particular, there are swings and outdoor racing facilities for some rooms. For the sake of children’s safety when they are playing games, we provide various toys supplied by professional teaching-aid

manufacturers to enact the function of educating through entertainment. These toys will make children play joyfully and not feel bored anymore after they return back to the rooms. Therefore, parents can also get good rests accordingly.

【Games for Parent-Child Interaction】
The best method to develop good interactions between parents and children is through paying games. Therefore, we design different little games such as finding small animals in the first hall as well as big millionaires/billionaires at the head

of the bed in the second hall. We design all of these games in person for parents to spend their best time to interact with their children via entertainment.

【Different Generations Spend Their Happy Hours Together】
Opportunities are generally rare for children to go out with their grandparents. However, there are often the following circumstances for these opportunities. Can’t you find an ideal place for three generations to get together? Can’t you have good chats with your

besties during traveling just because you carry your children around? Do you hope to spare more time for your children to enhance their cohesive relationships with their cousins when you travel with your siblings?
Now there is no need to worry because DeelyHouse has special designs of super spacious room types with 25 pins as well as 35 pins suitable for two different families and three generations.