Because some tourist attractions are a little farther, it is more inconvenient for travelers without driving cars. After investigation for a long time, we have a recommended charter service to ensure fun and secure travels.


Four Service Guarantees for This Charter Service:

  • This company is legally established with an exclusive secretary to provide travel services such as tourist-attraction planning, ticket reservation

  • Passenger liability insurance of 20 millions for each car.

  • The new cars with ages of three to five years from this charter service can ensure driving comfort and safety.

  • Please be noted that drivers at work won’t answer any phone calls regarding inquiries in order to ensure driving quality.



  • If you need this charter service, please make reservations five days earlier to ensure this arrangement beforehand.




親子民宿 迪利小屋粉絲團


溜滑梯民宿 迪利小屋部落格

迪利小屋- 您與寶貝的包場遊樂園

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