Notice:No elevator,must to walk up the stairs.
Price(Two person)
  • Pricing:$3780 / Holiday:$2880 / Weekday:$2280
  • Charge per person plus $ 500, plus up to two-bed room!
    PS. No guests are allowed; otherwise, cancel the reservation. Additional guests will be charged for $500 per person.
  • Weekdays: From Sunday to Thursday
  • Holidays: Friday, Saturday, National holidays, consecutive holiday period.
  • PS: On the Lunar New Year, Charge per person plus $ 600.
Check In/Out time
  • Check in :16:00
  • Check out:11:00
  • ※Please check out on time. If check out later for more than 1/2 hour, room rate 50% will be charged.
  • Deely provides a private 9-square-meter space like in a five-star hotel, giving our guests a more comfortable place to stay.
  • Because Deely is located at downtown area, we don’t provide parking space. However, there is a parking lot beside Hai’an Rd., 5-minute walk away from Deely. Our guests can park for free in the first two hours and need to pay NT$20 from the third hour. There are also parking spaces along roads, and they are free from 10p.m. to 8a.m..
  • Free bottle water, teabags, coffee, Tainan local snacks, IBL Shampoo and shower cream, toothbrush and toothpaste, paper towel and bath towel, laundry detergent….
  • Refrigerators, furniture, washing machine, clothes drying field, hair dryer, water boiler, air conditioner, heater, cable TV, a drawing book, 42-inch LED-LCD TV, mattress, feather bedding and 24 hours video surveillance to protect passenger safety
  • Meal vouchers for Liu’s Rice Dumpling— Liu’s Rice Dumpling is 24 hour open, emphasizing on traditional flavors, and insists on using Taiwan ingredients. The insistence of traditional flavor is originated from Grandma Dumplings. They are simmered with a traditional stove using longan twigs, different from being simmered by the gas, making the rice heated averagely. Liu’s Rice Dumpling also insists on using peanuts from Beigang and rice from Xiluo as mixed ingredients. The foods in Liu’s Rice Dumpling are various, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, are good choices for breakfasts, snacks or night snacks in Tainan.
    Liu’s Rice Dumpling:
    Address: No.437, Sec. 2, Ximen Rd., West Central Dist., Tainan City 700
  • ※If you don’t like Chinese breakfast, we also provide meal vouchers for 24- hour open MacDonald.
Notes Extension&Refund instructions+Notice

The dream of the countryside in south France: In the French vintage birdcage, there’s a little girl living in every woman’s mind. She slightly bows and sits elegantly. She looks timid about the future. The open door doesn’t release her mind though her wings grow mature. Every woman experiences a process of self-consciousness awakening when gradually grow up. Now the door of birdcage is open, girls walk out of the cage bravely, release their timidity, and fly to the sky. Let’s say good bye to the countryside in south France.

We love traveling and though we have been to so many countries, the most unforgettable place is Provence in south France. This trip for us is a unforgettable memory; therefore, we are inspired to build a room like in the countryside of France. However, our guests are mostly parents and children, so our original inspiration is not appropriate. Though we all love this thought, we still abandon it because we consider about children’s safety.

【The story of Rapunzel】The queen was pregnant and was likely to have a difficult labor. The king ordered his servant to find the mysterious flower. The servant found the flower and cooked it as soup to cure the queen. She gave birth to a blonde-hair girl called Rapunzel. Gothel knew that Rapunzel’s blonde hair has the ability to cure but it would lose it’s magic power after being cut. So she took away the baby girl, putting her in a high tower, and raised her as her daughter. The king sent many lanterns into the sky every Rapunzel’s birthday, hoping to lead his missing daughter to come back. Not knowing what had happened, little Rapunzel was curious of the lanterns, which were like stars in the sky. She gradually had a dream to leave the tower and found what had happened.

Because of the story plot, we invited a professional painter to paint a 3-D picture of a lantern and a fireplace. The couples can sit on the chairs, pointing to the lantern or warm themselves by the fire. Tell everyone a secret: we provide a flashlight for our guests to light up the lantern. There will be amazing effects waiting for you.

Rapunzel has grown up as a bright and agile girl, living an easy but boring life with her foster mom and the pet, chameleon Pascal. Every day she painted on the wall or dreamed to leave the tower. Rapunzel asked Gothel to let her see those stars on her 18th birthday. However, Gothel had possessive desire for her daughter’s blonde hair. She always denied Rapunzel’s requests, saying that there are many bad guys coveting her magic power.
The painting above the fireplace is Rapunzel’s work. Does it look like a warm one?

Rapunzel looked out of the window every day, hoping to have an adventure outside the castle someday. Her beautiful blonde hair flowed on our pure white slide with her dreams. The professional painter also painted it as a 3-D painting. Don’t you think the blonde hair is particularly 3-D?

Beside the rose window, we prepare a small area for parents to have a cup of coffee and a heart-to-heart talk without children’s interference, as if they were before marriage.
Look outside from the upper bunk, the green trees surrounds the bed. It’s really like a tree house, don’t you think? There’s a night light set beside the lower bunk. It’s a children’s secret place to stay and pretend they are like Rapunzel.

Children, don’t be impatient, there are five chameleons hidden in the room. Children can try to find them with their parents. If you find them, you can go down stairs and ask for a free gift. Hint: Chameleons like to change their body colors. Therefore, they are not always green. They hide everywhere. Come to find them.