Deely Dad and Deely Mom loved traveling and they embraced the dream of traveling around the world before marriage. Nevertheless, they began with so-called seven necessities after they tied the knot – firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea. Their baby children were also born after their marriage. Like all other parents on this earth, they considerably strive to construct a family filled with warmth and comfort. However, their mutual dream of traveling around the world was gradually and slowly procrastinated.

By an accidental opportunity, Deely Dad and Deely Mom bought a house, which unexpectedly inspired their motivations to establish a B&B. Hence, here comes the origin of this DeelyHouse. Although Deely Dad and Deely Mom are not able to fulfill their dreams of traveling around the world, they can feel the traveling flavor when they serve each customer.

That is, they are also engaged in traveling themselves when they sit down together with customers to chat about their follow-up journeys.

DeelyHouse hopes to provide Tainan’s culture and hospitality for each customer, so we considerately arrange a whole set of travel schedule including tourist attractions and introduction of delicacies in Tainan. We will plan for free-of-charge tour guidances for customers visiting the DeelyHouse by treating them with our favorable Tainan’s specialty desserts. This arrangement will make tourists visiting Tainan have a different choice other than hotels and old B&B. We will welcome each customer who visits the DeelyHouse with our most passionate hearts. We will be sincerely looking forward to your visit!