Notice:No elevator,must to walk up the stairs.
Price(Two person)
  • Pricing:$3380 / Holiday:$2580 / Weekday:$1980
  • Charge per person plus $ 500, plus up to two-bed room!
    PS. No guests are allowed; otherwise, cancel the reservation. Additional guests will be charged for $500 per person.
  • Weekdays: From Sunday to Thursday
  • Holidays: Friday, Saturday, National holidays, consecutive holiday period.
  • PS: On the Lunar New Year, Charge per person plus $ 600.
Check In/Out time
  • Check in:16:00
  • Check out:11:00
  • ※Please check out on time. If check out later for more than 1/2 hour, room rate 50% will be charged.
  • Deely provides a private 6.5-square-meter space like in a five-star hotel, giving our guests a more comfortable place to stay.
  • Because Deely is located at downtown area, we don’t provide parking space. However, there is a parking lot beside Hai’an Rd., 5-minute walk away from Deely. Our guests can park for free in the first two hours and need to pay NT$20 from the third hour. There are also parking spaces along roads, and they are free from 10p.m. to 8a.m..
  • Free bottle water, teabags, coffee, Tainan local snacks, IBL Shampoo and shower cream, toothbrush and toothpaste, paper towel and bath towel, laundry detergent….
  • Refrigerators, furniture, washing machine, clothes drying field, hair dryer, water boiler, air conditioner, heater, cable TV, a drawing book, 42-inch LED-LCD TV, mattress, feather bedding and 24 hours video surveillance to protect passenger safety
  • Meal vouchers for Liu’s Rice Dumpling— Liu’s Rice Dumpling is 24 hour open, emphasizing on traditional flavors, and insists on using Taiwan ingredients. The insistence of traditional flavor is originated from Grandma Dumplings. They are simmered with a traditional stove using longan twigs, different from being simmered by the gas, making the rice heated averagely. Liu’s Rice Dumpling also insists on using peanuts from Beigang and rice from Xiluo as mixed ingredients. The foods in Liu’s Rice Dumpling are various, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, are good choices for breakfasts, snacks or night snacks in Tainan.
    Liu’s Rice Dumpling:
    Address: No.437, Sec. 2, Ximen Rd., West Central Dist., Tainan City 700
  • ※If you don’t like Chinese breakfast, we also provide meal vouchers for 24- hour open MacDonald.
notes Extension&Refund instructions+Notice

The story of little red cap begins with this little girl under the television. The little red riding hood carrying with snacks is going to visit her ill grandmother. In the forest, the gray wolf is peeking at the little red cap passing by the apple tree, but this girl does not discover existence of this gray wolf at all.

On the other side of the forest, the joy goat, the boil goat and the lazy goat do not know this gray wolf’s ambition and they are also delighted to eat their snacks on the green grass.

Finally, the little red cap strives to arrive at her grandmother’s home at the front door outside. She shouts out loudly: Grandmother, are you at homer? Please open the door for me! Then the little red cap enters the house and chats with her grandmother happily.

At the same time, the red wolf and the little gray are also peeking at both of them from outside of the window. As soon as the gray wolf arrives, they three together will plan to catch the little red cap and her grandmother inside the house.

The village chief, slow goat, finds the red wolf and the little gray outside of the house and realizes that they are ready to catch the little red cap and her grandmother. Then the village chief quickly informs the joy goat, the boil goat and the lazy goat to figure out resolutions to rescue the little red cap and her grandmother.
In reality, the big wolf in the plot of original fairy tale is too fierce and scary for children to be involved in.

Actually, the plot of a fierce wolf is quite in discordance with children’s imaginations and interests in their own world.
Consequently, we apply imaginations to combine cute and entertaining plot of joy goat and gray wolf with the little red riding hood. These two characters show up in DeelyHouse and symbolically play a short film full of wits and amusement for the little kids.

The room type of Little Red Cap is especially designed and suitable for little kids around two years old. The heights of the slides are simply 60 centimeters and the heights of the beds are 70 centimeters.

Besides, the heights of staircases designed around the wall are not tall and friendly for kids to use with only 20 centimeters for each staircase. So, kids can reach the little beds surrounded by colored drawings soon to indulge in plots of fairy tales after simply climbing two staircases.

【TOLO Brand Introduction】A brand that was founded in 1985 by British, their products were made of ABS, and comply with safety inspection standards in Europe and America. The modeling design has its unique European style, and won several awards in Europe, America and Japan, especially their action figure products, whose head, hand and legs can move flexibly, can train babies’ fine actions, are the best friends of babies. The action figures are also colorful, which can stimulate babies’ senses and do the role play.