Notice:No elevator,must to walk up the stairs.
Price(Two person)
  • Pricing:$3780 / Holiday:$2880 / 平Weekday:$2280
  • Charge per person plus $ 500, plus up to two-bed room!
    PS. No guests are allowed; otherwise, cancel the reservation. Additional guests will be charged for $500 per person.
  • Weekdays: From Sunday to Thursday
  • Holidays: Friday, Saturday, National holidays, consecutive holiday period.
  • PS: On the Lunar New Year, Charge per person plus $ 600.
Check In/Out time
  • Check in:16:00
  • Check out:11:00
  • ※Please check out on time. If check out later for more than 1/2 hour, room rate 50% will be charged.
  • Deely provides a private 9-square-meter space like in a five-star hotel, giving our guests a more comfortable place to stay.
  • Because Deely is located at downtown area, we don’t provide parking space. However, there is a parking lot beside Hai’an Rd., 5-minute walk away from Deely. Our guests can park for free in the first two hours and need to pay NT$20 from the third hour. There are also parking spaces along roads, and they are free from 10p.m. to 8a.m..
  • Free bottle water, teabags, coffee, Tainan local snacks, IBL Shampoo and shower cream, toothbrush and toothpaste, paper towel and bath towel, laundry detergent….
  • Refrigerators, furniture, washing machine, clothes drying field, hair dryer, water boiler, air conditioner, heater, cable TV, a drawing book, 42-inch LED-LCD TV, mattress, feather bedding and 24 hours video surveillance to protect passenger safety
  • We offer meal vouchers for either Tainan local breakfast—in Liu’s Rice Dumpling or afternoon tea— in Gold House. You can choose to experience food culture in old Tainan or the lane delicacies in Zhengxing St.
    Liu’s Rice Dumpling:
    Address: No.437, Sec. 2, Ximen Rd., West Central Dist., Tainan City 700
  • ※If you don’t like Chinese breakfast, we also provide meal vouchers for 24- hour open MacDonald.


Extension&Refund instructions+Notice

When both of our children were little, we hoped they could have more opportunities to listen to English and get used to the language. We often played the popular bilingual cartoons called “Dora the Explorer” and “Go, Diego, Go!”for them. The main characters of the story are a smart, brave, seven-year-old latin girl and her cousin. Dora usually acts lively in front of the audience with energetic smiles and leads children to adventures.

She always backpack her treasure bag, and is happy to experience many interesting things with the monkey Boots. Diego is not only a little scientist who loves animals and the nature a lot, but also a member of animal rescue team. Every time when animals encounter danger or face difficulties, Diego always go rescue them immediately. He usually needs to walk through the jungle, climb up to the mountain or dive into deep waters, and sometimes he deals with naughty Bobo brothers. Every mission is like a adventure, full of fun.

There are games in their world that train bodies, visualspatial perceptions, oral expressions, and sense of logic and numbers. Chilren loved this adventurous story when they were little. Children are born with curiosity. Exploring the unknown world with their little hands and eyes is always a game that they are never tired of. As parents, we often wonder what we could give our children.

We think they are neither rapidly-changing 3C products nor lap-tops that offer interactive games, but a imaginative space for passionately exploring the world. That’s what children need for their future. Once people lose their imagination, the world won’t move forward and we will not have better lives.

This room was designed by this concept. We moved the tree house into the room, offering children a secret base to climb up and and look afar. We also move the tunnel in. In the tunnel which is full of red balls, children can imagine they are in the deep sea, seeing submarine lives. The small slide is also good for little children playing, climbing up and down. There are building blocks in the room which can stimulate children’s potentials when they sit down and play. We hope every child can experience a wonderful night in an imaginative environment.

A surprise in Jungle Adventure—Children-belonged and personalized pinball, is easy to use, the best toy for children and parents.

Our beautiful hostess selected a series of small toys for little children in SHIN KONG MITSUKOSHI. Let your babies play them in the room.

【TOLO Brand Introduction】A brand that was founded in 1985 by British, their products were made of ABS, and comply with safety inspection standards in Europe and America. The modeling design has its unique European style, and won several awards in Europe, America and Japan, especially their action figure products, whose head, hand and legs can move flexibly, can train babies’ fine actions, are the best friends of babies. The action figures are also colorful, which can stimulate babies’ senses and do the role play.[Information & photos from TOLO website]

Gigo toy is good for children over 1 year old. The colorful toys can train children’s visual development, and also the hand and eye coordination. Babies will have a good time in the room.[Photo sources: Gigo toy website]